Recycling Batteries, Computers, Tires


  Recycling Batteries, Computers, and Tires and everything that we can; There is a lot of stuff thrown onto the landfills all day, every day and I see such a great waste. Lots of metal and small appliances are thrown away. There’s no excuse for this, but most of the competition do not care. If you ever visit your local landfill (it’s free for homeowners) look around at all the different things that are recycled today. It’s pretty amazing. In the future, it will be a lot better.


Car batteries, and most other dry and wet cell batteries are recycling at it’s best. The lead in a car battery is used over and over again. Lead is used in so many things, weights for anything you can imagine. Sinkers for fishing and on and on

Recycling Computers and properly destroying the hard drive if left in, so no one can steal your information. Also any other accessories to it. There are Silver and Gold and other metals that will be used over and over again.


Pick up to 2 car or light truck tires, after that we have to make a user charge. With truck tires, they are recapped 2-3 times before they get chopped up for mulch and whatever else.