Hauling Small Loads!

Hauling your unwanted Items to the Dump!

We do hauling small loads for just about anything! Old appliances, Yard debris, Lawn Tractors, Brush, Old Furniture, Old Metal objects from the house or yard, Construction Debris, Trash of any kind.

Hauling Old Appliances

Have an old washer, Dryer, refrigerator or freezer that has to go? Then Mike is your guy. He will come and get it out, whatever it takes. So sometimes it means we have to cut it up. We have had some folks make the doorways too small to get the old appliance out, so we do what we have to.

Hauling worn out lawn equipment to recycle

Need some old worn out equipment removed from the property? Call Mike now! He likes to cut that stuff up and recycle it. Plus it is good for the economy and the recycling facilities. We probably have a fix for most of all your hauling problems.

Hauling Old Furniture

Some of that old furniture is really big and heavy, so that is no problem, we will cut it up if we have to, and get it out asap!

Hauling Pianos

Sorry, we do not haul Pianos, do to Insurance issues, But I will recommend someone that will. http://pianomanusa.com/

They are a great company that has been around for a good while. Don’t forget to give them a good review on google plus!

Being in the business of junk removal and Demolition services and have been for over 5 years online. We have a 150 A1 reviews on Angie’s list and several on google plus.  We have done all kinds of jobs for all kinds of people and will be for some time to come.

Honesty and Dependability

If you are looking for someone to do what they say and be there when they say. For a reasonable price, then Mike (for junk removal) and Red (for Demolition) are the guys to call! Finally, we would like to thank all of our past customers for all of their Business.