HandyMan Repairs

 HandyMan Repairs 

There are so many things that can be considered HandyMan Repairs it is not even funny. But I will attempt to cover some, and if there is something you need that you are not sure of Please Call.


Do you need a fence repaired? Or maybe a Garage Door replaced or repaired. A new door installed, shutters, wood floors repaired or replaced. Maybe Kitchen Cabs repaired or replaced. We can take care of these types of jobs and much more. With skilled and qualified professionals.

Painting Jobs

We can do interior or exterior painting jobs, scraping, sanding, repairs in plaster or drywall no problem. Expert results guaranteed!

Window Repairs or Replacement

We can repair any wood or vinyl window that is broken, cracked or damaged. We can replace your windows with new Vinyl windows. With double or triple glazed glass for more energy efficiency, if that is what you want. We can probably beat most of the prices you get. Because new windows are something most contractors really mark up. Want to save some money?

Minor Electrical Repairs

We can do light switch replacements, receptacle replacements, light fixture replacements and circuit breaker replacements. If you need something out of our range of service I will recommend a licensed electrician.

Minor Plumbing Repairs

We do bathroom vanity replacements, toilet replacements, sump pump replacements and garbage disposal replacements. If you need some other plumbing service we will recommend a licensed plumber.

 *Home Repairs                 *Lead Paint Removal

 *Painting work                   *Mold Damage Repairs

 * Minor Electrical work      *Jack of all Trades

 *Minor Plumbing work     *Rental Property Repairs

                Special Rates for LandLords!

This page is a work in progress! there will be more info coming for all the categories above soon.

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